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When All The Food Is Staring At You – 052

When you walk into a gathering, there’s lots of food that looks super tasty and next thing you know you’ve downed 5 cookies. You’re not sure how you downed all of those, but it happened. You always seem to do this when you go to gatherings. It sucks and you don’t know how to stop.…

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Calorie Counting: Should You Or Shouldn’t You? – 048

Calorie counting has only one rule…to stay within your calorie range. Which may seem attractive, or less restrictive when compared to diets that have multiple rules to follow. But does that mean it’s a great choice? Let’s talk more about calorie counting and if it is a healthful, long-term solution.   Leave me a comment…

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So You Overate Or Binged…Now What? – 041

  So you overate or binged…now what? This episode is about what to do after you overeat or binge. Maybe what you’ve been doing thus far isn’t helping you. What can you do instead? We talk about that in this episode! You don’t have to keep overeating and having binges. There is a solution to…

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race – 037

  Diets come with specific rules we are supposed to follow. When we decide to start a new diet we go from our current way of eating to following the rules of the diet the very next day. It’s hard to go from what you’ve been doing to taking on a bunch of new rules…

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Food Facts Vs. Food Fear – 035

  Messaging around food is often geared toward our emotions. The messaging sounds reasonable so then in our minds it becomes fact. The problem is that these messages usually lack in legitimacy. They’re completely wasting our time and wreaking havoc on our minds. Check out this episode about food facts vs. food fear.   Leave…

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Do This To Stop Binges And Overeating – 029

  If you struggle with binges and overeating listen to this episode.   There’s a solution to your problem! I know from personal and professional experience. I’ve been in your shoes. It’s totally possible to turn things around and stop binges and overeating. No more feeling uncomfortably stuffed and being mad at yourself. Then eventually…

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