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So Many People Struggle With This – 042

  Have different expectations for yourself than you do for others? They can take a day off, or eat the cake, but you can’t? If this sounds familiar, listen to this episode. It’s so common and so important to address. So many people struggle with this…but maybe it’s time you don’t.   Leave a comment…

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race – 037

  Diets come with specific rules we are supposed to follow. When we decide to start a new diet we go from our current way of eating to following the rules of the diet the very next day. It’s hard to go from what you’ve been doing to taking on a bunch of new rules…

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You Need More Of This In Your Life – 033

  This episode we’re talking about something pretty much all of us could use more of. Chances are high you aren’t doing it at all. Life is busy and we just can’t do everything. However, this is really important and a bit of prioritizing might be all it takes to set you up for success.…

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This Can Make Or Break Your Eating – 027

  Are you trying to change how you eat? Dieting? Calorie counting? Working on changing your relationship with food?   This episode might be exactly what you need.   We’re talking about something that can make or break your eating. And it’s not an uncommon struggle. We’re discussing what it is and what action you…

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Other People’s Opinions – 023

  On episode 023 of The Start Fueling Better Podcast we are talking about other people’s opinions.   So many of us worry about what other people are thinking about us. We then let these concerns get in our way, impact our mood and how we feel about ourselves. I actively have to work at…

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