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Summer Heat And Body Image – 039

  Wearing lots of clothing when it’s hot outside is pretty uncomfortable. However, when you don’t feel great about your body it may be your reality.   Other people’s words often impact how we feel about ourselves and what we do and don’t do. Sometimes that means we miss out on life. Let’s talk about…

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race – 037

  Diets come with specific rules we are supposed to follow. When we decide to start a new diet we go from our current way of eating to following the rules of the diet the very next day. It’s hard to go from what you’ve been doing to taking on a bunch of new rules…

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Weirdos With No Kids. – 009

Welcome to episode 009 of the Start Fueling Better Podcast, “Weirdos With No Kids”. No, I don’t think you’re weird, with or without kids. This is more about how I (Paige) feel as a woman who does not have kids. (That is, based on our society and how it responds.) This feeling has formed slowly…

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Food Pushers and Know It Alls. – 003

In this episode we discuss food pushers and know it alls. The people that tell others what they should and shouldn’t be eating. (Check out my post for information about the difference between “dietitians” and other “experts”.) We discuss this type of person and the situations where this may occur. Paige offers some tools and tactics…

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Making Food Work. – 002

This episode is about how relationships, marriages, family, etc impact our food choices. We discuss the process we’ve gone through trying to adjust to each other’s eating preferences and find common ground in an attempt to make sure both of us are happy. It hasn’t been easy. We’d love it if you would subscribe, and…

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