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When All The Food Is Staring At You – 052

When you walk into a gathering, there’s lots of food that looks super tasty and next thing you know you’ve downed 5 cookies. You’re not sure how you downed all of those, but it happened. You always seem to do this when you go to gatherings. It sucks and you don’t know how to stop.…

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Calorie Counting: Should You Or Shouldn’t You? – 048

Calorie counting has only one rule…to stay within your calorie range. Which may seem attractive, or less restrictive when compared to diets that have multiple rules to follow. But does that mean it’s a great choice? Let’s talk more about calorie counting and if it is a healthful, long-term solution.   Leave me a comment…

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How Often Should I Be Eating? – 026

  How often should I be eating? It’s a common question people inquire about. So, I’m breaking it down on this episode of the podcast!   We’re discussing some of the not-so-helpful choices I’ve made in the past. As well as what you can start doing right now. Then we discuss a longer-term goal to…

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