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Carbs Make You Fat – 024

  Carbs make you fat. Ever heard that? I totally have. However, just because it was said doesn’t mean it’s true.   This episode we’re talking about carbohydrates. We’re breaking down the why behind their bad reputation. Discussing when they matter. And some adjustments you can make to better your own eating.   Please subscribe,…

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Sometimes You Need A Second Opinion. – 016

Welcome to episode 016 of the Start Fueling Better Podcast. Getting a second opinion can make a huge difference in your life, whether it’s in regard to your health or just about anything else. I (Paige) share some personal stories surrounding this topic, and (semi) regret doing so. However they serve as perfect examples of…

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It Is A Marathon Not A Sprint. – 010

Welcome to episode 10 of the Start Fueling Better Podcast, It Is A Marathon Not a Sprint.  Our culture has demonized certain foods and created labels like “good” and “bad” to describe foods. Which has helped to create poor relationships toward food, as well as negative thoughts around food. The truth is, eating ice cream…

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My Number One Piece Of Advice. – 005

People will ask what’s one thing I recommend, or what can they do now for better health later. So, in this episode we discuss my number one piece of advice. It is fairly simple, and something you can start implementing immediately!   To have future episodes head your way immediately upon release, you can subscribe…

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Making Food Work. – 002

This episode is about how relationships, marriages, family, etc impact our food choices. We discuss the process we’ve gone through trying to adjust to each other’s eating preferences and find common ground in an attempt to make sure both of us are happy. It hasn’t been easy. We’d love it if you would subscribe, and…

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