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My Spouse Eats Bad Food: What Do I Do? – 045

What do you do when your spouse (or others in your life) like to eat bad food? If you’re in this situation, we’re breaking down two things you can start doing right now!   Leave me a comment if you have any questions or thoughts on this. Mentioned in this episode: Schedule a free call…

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Food Pushers and Know It Alls. – 003

In this episode we discuss food pushers and know it alls. The people that tell others what they should and shouldn’t be eating. (Check out my post for information about the difference between “dietitians” and other “experts”.) We discuss this type of person and the situations where this may occur. Paige offers some tools and tactics…

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Making Food Work. – 002

This episode is about how relationships, marriages, family, etc impact our food choices. We discuss the process we’ve gone through trying to adjust to each other’s eating preferences and find common ground in an attempt to make sure both of us are happy. It hasn’t been easy. We’d love it if you would subscribe, and…

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