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So Many People Struggle With This – 042

  Have different expectations for yourself than you do for others? They can take a day off, or eat the cake, but you can’t? If this sounds familiar, listen to this episode. It’s so common and so important to address. So many people struggle with this…but maybe it’s time you don’t.   Leave a comment…

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So You Overate Or Binged…Now What? – 041

  So you overate or binged…now what? This episode is about what to do after you overeat or binge. Maybe what you’ve been doing thus far isn’t helping you. What can you do instead? We talk about that in this episode! You don’t have to keep overeating and having binges. There is a solution to…

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Summer Heat And Body Image – 039

  Wearing lots of clothing when it’s hot outside is pretty uncomfortable. However, when you don’t feel great about your body it may be your reality.   Other people’s words often impact how we feel about ourselves and what we do and don’t do. Sometimes that means we miss out on life. Let’s talk about…

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