Overeating, Emotional Eating and Cravings. – 012

Welcome to episode 012 of the Start Fueling Better Podcast. In this episode we talk about overeating, emotional eating and cravings.


You Aren’t Alone

Struggling with overeating, emotional eating, and/or cravings? If so, you aren’t alone. Lots of people have these struggles, including me (Paige). We talk a little bit about the struggle I had with this in this episode.


What’s Changed For Me

However in the episode we didn’t talk about what has changed since I figured it all out. I used my education and experience to make changes that equate to me no longer struggling with overeating, emotional eating and cravings. It’s resulted in me feeling so much better, inside and out. Additionally, I can now enjoy things that I used to find stressful and unpleasant. I’m not full, uncomfortable and sick to my stomach anymore. Now eating out ends in a positive experience, as opposed to a negative one. Furthermore, I’m not ravishing food in my car anymore either. If you’ve struggled with overeating, emotional eating and/or cravings you know what I’m talking about. It truly feels so good to have this figured out! So if these are things you want to figure out too, use me as a resource.


A New Opportunity

We talk about it in the podcast, but I’ve taken what I’ve experienced, learned and helped myself and others with in regard to overeating, emotional eating and cravings and am packaging it all up into an online program. Working one-on-one with a dietitian or nutritionist can be very expensive, and inconvenient for a lot of people. Which means oftentimes for a lot of people it is just not an option. With that said, I’m creating this online program in order to be able to help more people.

The cool thing about it is you still get to work with me and get all of the information. It’s just in more of a group setting. The BEST PART: it doesn’t come with the price tag associated with working one-on-one with a nutrition professional. AND you can do it from (almost) anywhere.


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