Why I Recommend Becoming Nutritious Life Certified

What Nutritious Life Certified Means

It is a wellness and nutrition certification through the Nutritious Life Studio run by celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman, MS, RD.



Who the Nutritious Life Certification Is For

People wanting to work in wellness and/or become nutrition practitioners, but aren’t going the registered dietitian route. It is also for those that are already registered dietitians.



What’s Great About Becoming Nutritious Life Certified

When you become become Nutritious Life Certified you become part of a community. You especially get to feel that community if you go to Masterclass, which is a yearly event all those Nutritious Life Certified are invited to attend. Plus you get to interact with Keri and learn from her and some awesome guests within the certification program.


How It Works

It is entirely online and you do it whenever it works for you, and at whatever pace works for you. There are 12 lessons taught by Keri about nutrition and business. Then there are guest videos with pros like McKel Hill (RD from Nutrition Stripped), Michele Promaulayko (who has extensive experience being really important and awesome at big named magazines), and Adam Bernstein (Born Fitness). They talk about growing your social media following, getting your work published, and creating a killer website. This is just to name a few!



Why I Joined

When I was in the beginning stages of creating my business I wanted something that would add to my skill set, and help me start my business. After going to school to become a registered dietitian you’ve been taught all kinds of things about nutrition and science, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot of confidence in your ability to work with clients. As well as the fact that you don’t typically learn anything about running a business in your dietetics program, and running a business can be really overwhelming. Especially when you don’t even know how to run a business! 🙂


What It Was Like

I have zero regrets about becoming certified. Being a dietitian it might sound silly to go get a wellness/nutrition certification, but I definitely found value in it. Some things were were new to me, and others were good refreshers (because let’s be honest you can’t and don’t remember everything). Plus the private practice and business building information was new information for me and really useful.  After you finish the certification you can always go back and watch the videos again to refresh your memory, which is nice!


Also, Keri is wonderful! I knew of her and had seen her on television before I became Nutritious Life Certified. You never know what someone you’ve seen on television is going to be like if you actually meet them, but she doesn’t disappoint. She’s very kind and warm and wants to help you grow your business and help you help others.


The community has been great. We have a private Facebook group where various things are discussed and asked. The best part is if you go to Masterclass, which is amazing, you really feel the community there. It’s not some huge event in a big hall where you feel like a tiny fish in a big pond. It is an awesome experience both professionally and personally.



Why I Recommend It

There are lots of wellness and nutrition certifications out there. I don’t necessarily trust most of those because they aren’t always providing reliable information, and protecting the public and not hurting anyone is very important. (Learn more about what dietitians are.) You need science-based, accurate, and reliable information and sometimes that’s not what you will get. Keri cares about science and the material she provides is good, solid information. Plus, the business information, guests, community and Masterclass are really awesome.


When You Can Become Nutritious Life Certified

This certification program is only offered two times per year. Click to apply!

(Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link. It is at no additional cost to you.)


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