It Is A Marathon Not A Sprint. – 010

Welcome to episode 10 of the Start Fueling Better Podcast, It Is A Marathon Not a Sprint. 

Our culture has demonized certain foods and created labels like “good” and “bad” to describe foods. Which has helped to create poor relationships toward food, as well as negative thoughts around food.

The truth is, eating ice cream or a “bad” food doesn’t define our overall health. It’s all about the combination of our choices over the long-term. Additionally, eating things like ice cream may actually make you healthier! That is because health is about everything that is going on in your life. So if eating a little ice cream makes you happy, then avoiding it isn’t going to make you feel good. Also, eating only “good” foods does not necessarily make you healthier. If it’s causing you stress or other negative feelings, then that’s not so great for you.

I used to struggle with looking at foods as “bad” and “good”. As well as excessively overeating, emotional eating (especially stress eating) and using various methods in an attempt to lose weight. I understand how our relationship with food can be a complicated one. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult and with some effort it can be changed. I’ve done it and you can too!


Do you relate in regard to overeating or emotional eating? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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