Calorie Counting & Diets Haven't Worked?
Start Fueling Better Online Program

Right now you...

Have a really hard time avoiding your cravings.

Feel like it's your fault nothing has worked yet.

Are confused, overwhelmed and unsure what you should and shouldn't be eating. There's so much conflicting information about food and nutrition.

Find eating out at restaurants is stressful. There are so many unknowns.

Follow certain "food rules" but eventually you cave and go buy everything you've been avoiding. Then you eat it and feel terrible after.

Really want to stop, but nothing you've tried has worked. You always revert back to your old habits.

Imagine if you could feel like this...

» Crazy cravings and binges are a thing of the past

» You feel in control around all foods

» You can eat out with friends and family and have fun

» You have a manageable plan that works for your life

» You know what to eat and when to eat it

» You have confidence in your food choices and in yourself

If you are wanting to use your insurance benefits, please go ahead and verify your benefits before scheduling a call with me. Head to for information and step by step questions to ask your insurance company. Note: There are elements you need that are in this program that insurance will not cover. This is a hybrid program. We do what we can with insurance benefits. Then the rest is out of pocket private pay.

What's Included

Recorded Lessons

To equip you with the information you need to get headed in a more helpful direction.

Weekly Coaching

To work through things. So you don't get stuck. Even when "life" comes up, or you're unsure what to do next.

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Everyone is different. You'll have your own individual questions. Let's get you answers, so you can keep moving forward.

1:1 Sessions*

1:1 with Paige (a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition & Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer) - to privately address any questions or struggles and help you reach your goals.

Peer to Peer Group Discussion

Connecting with others will help you move faster and succeed.

Private Community

For trainings and discussion. Feel free to join with a "fake" account if you want to stay anonymous.

Resources & Handouts

Tools you may not even know you need. For your convenience and assistance outside the program.


Sometimes you might want a little check-in or even a nudge. That's why this program is built the way it is. You'll have accountability all week long, so you keep moving forward!

Access to a Registered Dietitian

Who has dealt with these issues herself and understands the struggle. Here to guide you along the way, root for you and assist when you need it.

You're welcome to stay anonymous throughout the program.

All calls will be recorded and you can access the recordings when it is convenient for you.

Ready to go from frustrated and confused to having peace with food?

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