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Calorie Counting & Diets Haven't Worked?
Start Fueling Better Online Program

Right now you...

Have a really hard time avoiding your cravings.

Feel like it's your fault nothing has worked yet.

There's so much conflicting information about food and nutrition. You're confused, overwhelmed and unsure what you should and shouldn't be eating.

Find eating out at restaurants is stressful. There are so many unknowns.

Follow "food rules" but eventually you cave and go buy everything you've been avoiding. Then you eat it and feel terrible after.

Really want to stop, but nothing you've tried has worked. You always revert back to your old habits.

Imagine if you could feel like this...

» Crazy cravings and binges are a thing of the past

» You feel in control around all foods

» You can eat out with friends and family and have fun

» You have a manageable plan that works for your life

» You know what to eat and when to eat it

» You have confidence in your food choices and in yourself

You're Invited to Join:
» The Start Fueling Better Program «
A step-by-step solution to change how you eat and feel once and for all.
Free yourself of overeating, stress eating, emotional eating, binges, cravings, rules, and restriction.

A four month individualized online program that helps you take action and permanently change how you eat, feel and approach food and nutrition.

"It's been very helpful because I can put a meal together and recognize 'Ah, yes, there's my veggies. Ah Yes, there's my protein. Ah Yes, there's a little bit of fat.' It's invigorating. It's exciting because I know how to do this. I got it."

"What made this special was the resources and having somebody to talk to... knowing that you cared through the whole thing. I could bring anything up and we'd work through it."

"I'm in tune with my body, understanding my hunger and fullness cues, and respecting them so that I don't overeat."

What You Get From This Program

How to Create a Healthy Meal

(without wondering what you can eat)

Can you eat carbohydrates? Are bananas bad? Should you eat once per day? You'll see how to eat healthfully without all the rules...because the rules haven't worked.

See how to:

  • Create nutritious meals that fuel you inside and out (and help you stop eating your feelings)


  • Increase confidence in your food choices, your abilities and in yourself


  • Combat confusing nutrition talk on tv and social media


  • Make choices that work for you 


  • Have a less stressful trip to the grocery store


  • Have an understanding of how to take nutrition information and apply it to yourself

When to Eat (& When Not to Eat!)

Know when and what to eat without feeling restricted by "rules" and "shoulds".

See how to:

  • Take charge of your hunger, overeating, binges, and emotional and stress eating (on tough days too)


  • Understand why restriction and avoidance of foods isn't helping you (and hasn't worked - even though you've tried multiple times)


  • Feel in control around food (at home and away from home)


  • Handle cravings (whether you want to eat cupcakes, or chips)


  • Decrease stress and guilt around eating


  • Stop beating yourself up over food choices


  • Change how you eat for good (even if you think it's not possible for you)

Ability To Overcome Roadblocks

Make choices that work for you without getting caught up in the newest diet everyone is talking about.

See how to:

  • Prepare for difficult food related conversations with loved ones and acquaintances (no Aunt Sue, I don't want to compete to see who can lose weight faster)


  • Deal with ALL the 'noise' on social media about food (yes, you can eat bananas and bread)


  • Make mealtime faster and less complicated


  • Be able to eat with friends and family and have fun


  • Go to a restaurant and actually feel like you have menu options


  • Leave a restaurant feeling good (as opposed to feeling stuffed and sick to your stomach, like someone needs to roll you out of there)


  • Enjoy food for the first time in a long time

And more...


  • Creating goals that get you where you want to go


  • Take control of your mindset, attitude and more holding yourself back


  • Water intake (it does wonders for you and your body)


  • Reframe how you approach exercise (find the fun!)


  • Using sleep to help aid in your nutrition success


  • Become a food and nutrition problem solving machine

Ready to go from frustrated and confused to having peace with food?

What it's like to work with me:

What's Included

Recorded Lessons

To equip you with the information you need to get headed in a more helpful direction.

Weekly Coaching

So you don't get stuck - even when "life" comes up.

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Everyone is different. You'll have your own individual questions. Let's get you answers, so you can keep moving forward.

1:1 Calls*

1:1 with Paige (a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition & Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer) - to privately address any questions or struggles and help you reach your goals.

Peer to Peer Group Discussion

Connecting with others will help you move faster and succeed.

Private Community

For trainings and discussion. Feel free to join with a "fake" account if you want to stay anonymous.

Resources & Handouts

Tools you may not even know you need. For your convenience and assistance outside the program.


Sometimes you might want a little check-in or even a nudge. That's why this program is built the way it is. This includes maybe a little "hello" email every now and then.

Access to a Registered Dietitian

Who has dealt with these issues herself and understands the struggle. Here to guide you along the way, root for you and assist when you need it.

You're welcome to stay anonymous throughout the program.

All calls will be recorded and you can access the recordings when it is convenient for you.

"This brought a lot of peace and confidence to my life in terms of shopping for food, cooking, eating - that's where I really see that benefit coming in. 

I can go to the grocery store and say, 'I need carbohydrates, I need fruits to put in my oatmeal.'


I can look at cereal and not be afraid of the marketing on the cereal box and wonder 'is THIS better? Or is THAT better?'"

7 Things You'll Find Within the Program:

  • It's comprehensive - from the modules, to the Q&As, to 1:1 with me, we are covering all the bases so you can finally get the answers you have been looking for


  • Use this the rest of your life - this is not a diet you are meant to stop in 3 or 6 months


  • Fits YOUR life - and be manageable for you


  • Quick, easy and convenient - you'll be provided with specific meal ideas that are just that


  • We won't just talk about food - we'll cover other topics like stress and self-care


  • You'll have help the whole way - you will not be left to fend for yourself


  • Reliable information - based in science and evidence-based practice - it's legit and it works - it can change your life for good

"Paige truly met me where I was at (and asked what I needed) instead of having her own agenda. She interacted with me in a non-judgmental and encouraging way. 

She also worked with me to come up with achievable action steps. I appreciate that she involved me in the decision making process about those steps instead of just telling me what to do. I feel empowered!"


Tier 1

16 Weeks

Recorded Lessons, Live Discussion and Q&A

Private Facebook Group

Awesome, Relevant Resources

4 Payments of $325

Pay in Full $1197 (Save $100+ By Paying In Full)

Tier 2

Monthly 1:1 Calls with Paige

And everything in Level 1

4 Payments of $425

Pay in Full $1597 (Save $100+ By Paying In Full)

Tier 3

Unlimited 1:1 Calls with Paige

And everything in Level 1

4 Payments of $500

Pay in Full $1997 (Save $100+ By Paying In Full)

Insurance May Reimburse You ~$1000, If Not More

For more information about using your insurance click here.

Best Value

Nutrition has become so confusing. That's why I created this program. A manageable method to get you feeling better. We break down everything you need to know.


After this you can be confident in your food choices. No more getting stressed over food or getting caught up in the latest information being spread. No more confusion about the what and how to of eating.

You'll know what to do.

"She really cared and double checked with me that she really understood what I was saying."

"Because of this program I have confidence again. I'm getting into ballet. I wouldn't have done that four months ago!"

It's time to...

- Take time for yourself

- Make you more of an equation in your day

- You are worth it

- The better you care for yourself the more you can be there for those you care about

- Let's change your mindset - retrain the way you look at nutrition and the expectations you have around it

- This is not one size fits all, everyone is different and the same thing doesn't work for everyone

- Learn skills that don't come naturally for most of us

SFB Online Program

"Before I started, I was very alone, my body was changing and gaining weight... I was feeling very ashamed.

I didn't want my body to be like that. I didn't think I was going to be loved because my body was changing again.

The biggest tangible result I got from this program was that I realized I am loved and supported for who I am. No matter what."

This Program Is Not About Quick Fixes or Fads


The focus of this program is about providing you with a better, more realistic approach to food and eating.


This will be a team effort.



I don't want to waste your time or money,

and it pains me to see how often this happens. 



Join me. I want to see you succeed. 

Paige Penick

Paige Penick, RDN, LD, NASM-CPT, CLT, NLC

Growing up with a single mom there wasn't a lot of time or money to worry about nutrition. As a teenager I thought I was "overweight" and wondered if my classmates thought differently of me because of my appearance. The calorie counting and dieting started soon after that. Then came the overeating and binges.

I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist because I had my own questions about nutrition. Especially around overeating, cravings and "eating my feelings" (whether it was stress, boredom or sadness). I also didn't understand why I exercised, but didn't seem to lose weight.

I've learned a lot since being that girl that felt insecure about her appearance. My approach to nutrition, my feelings and my self-image have changed since becoming more educated on these topics and the how and why behind all of it.

What I want more than just about anything is to help other people with similar questions and struggles. I don't want you or your family to live a life of food rules and restriction that ultimately get you no where. I hope you'll join me in this program. I'll be there to help you the whole way. 

"I deserve to feel good... and eating and how I fuel myself is part of it."

"I have stopped berating myself and spiraling like I'm a terrible person. The depressed chaos that would come from that has stopped. I've also stopped counting calories and started trusting my body instead."

"Paige is amazing and she helped me with my anxiety about transitioning to healthy eating. Felt very comfortable talking with her."


Tier 1

16 Weeks

Recorded Lessons, Live Discussion and Q&A

Private Facebook Group

Awesome, Relevant Resources

4 Payments of $325

Pay in Full $1197 (Save $100+ By Paying In Full)

Tier 2

Monthly 1:1 Calls with Paige

And everything in Level 1

4 Payments of $425

Pay in Full $1597 (Save $100+ By Paying In Full)

Tier 3

Unlimited 1:1 Calls with Paige

And everything in Level 1

4 Payments of $500

Pay in Full $1997 (Save $100+ By Paying In Full)

Insurance May Reimburse You ~$1000, If Not More

For more information about using your insurance click here.

Best Value


Not sure if this is the right fit for you?

Click below to schedule a free call.

"Paige is very easy to talk with and completely nonjudgmental. Excited to continue to work with her."

"I love the program so far. The videos always make me feel at ease and make me chuckle. Looking forward to seeing the rest."

"It's no longer so chaotic when it comes to food. I'm learning to have more peace with food."

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