Struggling with Chronic Conditions like Migraines, Eczema or IBS?

Food sensitivities and inflammation may be to blame.

There's a good chance food is your problem. Especially if you've already tried everything, and nothing has worked.

With thousands of chemicals and foods in our food supply it's not surprising that you may be consuming things that react poorly with your body.


This creates inflammation that leads to uncomfortable and chronic issues like headaches/migraines, eczema, and name a few. You have to avoid your inflammatory triggers in order to feel better.


To address this our practice uses the Mediator Release Test (MRT) and LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) Program. We get to the ROOT of your issues. Most people see a 50-80% reduction in symptoms in approximately ten days.

Interested in the food sensitivity program? Schedule a call to see if it may be a good fit for you.

This is what we'll do together:


First: Use the Mediator Release Test (MRT) to help you identify trigger foods, the foods causing your symptoms.



Next: We remove those trigger foods, use your test results to choose less triggering foods, and usually see symptoms significantly decrease within 1-2 weeks.



Then: We work on reintroducing foods and testing foods to make sure you don't have symptoms present themselves again. We want to increase your options so you have a variety of foods to eat...that don't leave you feeling poorly!

The Bottom Line

If you really want to decrease (or perhaps even eliminate) your symptoms, and get your life back - this may be the solution you have been searching for.


What Clients Are Saying:

"Paige is amazing and she helped me with my anxiety about transitioning to healthy eating. Felt very comfortable talking with her."

"Paige is very easy to talk with and completely nonjudgmental. Excited to continue to work with her."

"Paige truly met me where I was at (and asked what I needed) instead of having her own agenda. She interacted with me in a non-judgmental and encouraging way. 

Interested in the food sensitivity program? Schedule a call to see if it may be a good fit for you.