One-On-One Accountability


I'm Here to Be Your Cheerleader and Provide You with Tools, Tips, and Tricks As Needed.

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How It Works


1 on 1 sessions with me (# dependent on how many you purchase)

Sessions are virtual (either phone or video)

We can discuss goals, struggles, questions, etc. 

I am here to provide information as needed and coach and be your cheerleader

The direction of the sessions will mostly be up to you


 Quick Fixes or Fads Will Not Be Encouraged


But I am about getting you results.

I am here for you.

This will be a team effort.



I don't want to waste your time or money,

and it pains me to see how often this happens. 



Join me. I want to see you succeed. 




Having worked as a supermarket dietitian, I am knowledgeable on the most nutritious convenience products available today. I understand the importance of saving time and making life easier when it comes to food planning and preparation. As well as how confusing products and their labels can be.


My programs will provide you with tools to set you up for long-term success. I specialize in emotional & mindful eating and food sensitivities. With a focus on making nutritious eating easier and more attainable.