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Hey, you don't want to feel like food is controlling you anymore. 

I get it.

Sometimes you get a rush from following your "food rules"... or from breaking them.

If you just want to eat and enjoy it without overthinking'll want to join my FREE 3 day live series.

August 9th-11th 2021 @7pm Central

(replays available)

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What you'll get in just 10 minutes a day...

~ An easy method to create satisfying meals that fuel you better

~ Tools to help you stop the binges and overeating for good

~ Tips to end food guilt and negative self-talk

~ A realistic, doable way of eating you can follow for life

It's time to change how you eat and feel...for good.

Hi, I'm Paige!


I help women end the confusion and frustration around food and diets so they can transform their relationship with food and themselves.


In this training you get free access to some of the information, concepts and trainings from my online program. So you can start fueling (and feeling) better right now!

Paige Penick