What Clients Are Saying About Working With Me

"It's been very helpful because I can put a meal together and recognize 'Ah, yes, there's my veggies. Ah Yes, there's my protein. Ah Yes, there's a little bit of fat.' It's invigorating. It's exciting because I know how to do this. I got it."

"What made this special was the resources and having somebody to talk to... knowing that you cared through the whole thing. I could bring anything up and we'd work through it."

"I'm in tune with my body, understanding my hunger and fullness cues, and respecting them so that I don't overeat."

"This brought a lot of peace and confidence to my life in terms of shopping for food, cooking, eating - that's where I really see that benefit coming in. 

I can go to the grocery store and say, 'I need carbohydrates, I need fruits to put in my oatmeal.'


I can look at cereal and not be afraid of the marketing on the cereal box and wonder 'is THIS better? Or is THAT better?'"

"Paige truly met me where I was at (and asked what I needed) instead of having her own agenda. She interacted with me in a non-judgmental and encouraging way. 


She also worked with me to come up with achievable action steps. I appreciate that she involved me in the decision making process about those steps instead of just telling me what to do. I feel empowered!"

"She really cared and double checked with me that she really understood what I was saying."

"Because of this program I have confidence again. I'm getting into ballet. I wouldn't have done that four months ago!"

"Before I started, I was very alone, my body was changing and gaining weight... I was feeling very ashamed.

I didn't want my body to be like that. I didn't think I was going to be loved because my body was changing again.

The biggest tangible result I got from this program was that I realized I am loved and supported for who I am. No matter what."

"I deserve to feel good... and eating and how I fuel myself is part of it."

"I have stopped berating myself and spiraling like I'm a terrible person. The depressed chaos that would come from that has stopped. I've also stopped counting calories and started trusting my body instead."

"Paige is amazing and she helped me with my anxiety about transitioning to healthy eating. Felt very comfortable talking with her."

"Paige is very easy to talk with and completely nonjudgmental. Excited to continue to work with her."

"I love the program so far. The videos always make me feel at ease and make me chuckle. Looking forward to seeing the rest."

"It's no longer so chaotic when it comes to food. I'm learning to have more peace with food."