Let’s Break Down the Bologna within Nutrition. – 001

Welcome to the first episode of the Start Fueling Better Podcast. This has been created as a way to discuss legitimate nutrition information, while also talking about how to apply it to real life.

I became a registered dietitian nutritionist because I was confused about nutrition and how to best fuel my body. Now that I know more I see how confusing media and “experts” continue to make nutrition and health. This frustrates me because I don’t want to see others as confused as I was. (Check out this post to see why I get so frustrated.)

My husband is co-host of the Start Fueling Better podcast along with me. With no formal education in nutrition or real interest in the topic he brings his own flavor and opinions, which may be more similar to the general public that isn’t as nerdy about nutrition as I am.

In future episodes we will be diving into topics like how to better fuel your body and life, how relationships, marriage and family add an extra layer to the whole topic, and how mindfulness has changed my life.

In this first episode Josh and I discuss who we are and some of what you can expect in future episodes.

Join us, and let’s break down the bologna within nutrition.


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