Struggling with Overeating or Stress Eating?

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Nutrition coaching to help you change how you eat and feel - for good!


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SFB Coaching Program

Feeling confused or overwhelmed by food? Struggling with overeating or cravings? Want to feel confident and in control around food? It's possible with the SFB Coaching Program!

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The Start Fueling Better Podcast. Paige Aberasturi, registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, breaks down the bologna within nutrition and wellness.

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What A Happy Client Had To Say:

"I was struggling with binging. I just felt very lost and confused.

This program gave me direction and it cleared up a lot of the confusion. So I don’t binge. I don’t overeat. So that I don’t feel sick. I can go to work and I don't feel lethargic.

I have the energy and the motivation to workout when I want to because I don't feel physically ill and I don't feel ashamed because generally my body just feels good.

Absolutely do it. It's worth every minute."